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Cross-Marketing Campaigns

Our Clients Loved the Result

Blue Waters Marketing is in a strategic position to simultaneously work with our media publication partners and our sports league/event sponsor partners such that each event increases each partner's brand presence and ultimately, their revenue.  

To see how we can help your organization effectively market your brand in  sporting events and increase your brand awareness, simply contact our offices.

Journal Publications

Great Coverage

Blue Waters works with journal publications in different market areas to increase brand awareness, increase readership, and to become an integral part of sporting events. Click the button below to view some of our journal publication partners.

Sports Leagues

Best-in-Class Work

Blue Waters Marketing recognizes that each sports league is different as well as each sport and each venue. By considering these factors in addition to the fan base and the location, we always prepare a marketing campaign that produces great results! Click the button below to view some of our league partners.

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